My University modules have allowed me to expand my skills in a variety of directions and have been enhanced by projects with business clients. These are a few of the projects I have worked on.

Client-Focused Business Solutions

Adam Ruddock and Jamie Waters, from North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust with the project team of students

In a team of five students we created a workforce app for North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust. I took on the role of researcher and team leader ensuring the project focused on the needs of the client and users while also ensuring the well-being of the project team.

Our project was chosen to be used by North Tees & Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust. They especially praised the team for picking up on features that had only been mentioned briefly. More details on the project can be seen in a Teesside University article.

Advanced Server-side Technologies

Home page of the Teesside University Student Handbook CMS I developed using a PHP template

In this module I created a content management system for Teesside University’s student handbooks. This was created by adapting a Yii2 PHP framework following a Module, View, Controller (MVC) software development pattern. This project amongst other things helped me advance my skills for producing scalable web and mobile applications and introduced me to the MVC framework.

Conceptual Design Futures

4K drone footage of Durham Dales Holiday Cottages

The Conceptual Design Futures module requested I create a piece of media to the highest quality I could. With this in mind I created an aerial video using a 4K drone to capture a Durham Dales Holiday Cottages property. The video was edited using Adobe Premiere CC in its source 4K footage. The video was then exported in a variety of ways to suit the purpose. For example a lower quality Facebook version was created to maximise the quality the platform allows. A 4K version of the footage is available on YouTube.

Open Source Web Design

Open Source Web Design introduced me to Content Management Systems for the first time using WordPress and Joomla!. I created a fake e-commerce site creating it’s brand image and identity as well as both a WordPress and Joomla! site. Both sites would feature shop and gallery features. This project taught me a lot of the fundamentals of CMS systems which aided in my freelance projects.

Industry Focused Development

The module would include 3 short projects for a variety of clients. The short duration’s of these modules required multiple team roles to be undertaken. In the projects I would take on roles of User Researcher, Designer, Project Manager, Tester and Developer. Solutions were developed using WordPress with each project including full research, wireframes, testing and design documentation.

Conceptual Design & Creativity

Hyundai i20 pop art inspired

This module aimed at exploring a creative side allowed me to develop a sequence of pop art inspired Motorsport posters. Created in Photoshop the project allowed me to much further develop my understanding of the program as well as testing me to try design ideas outside of my comfort zone.